How have we responded?

As we move through this crisis, it is important for us to keep you informed of the changes that we have made, and continue to make, to keep our teams and our clients safe.

We have implemented a host of updates to our housekeeping, commuting, culinary and guest relations protocols.

These include new standards of cleanliness, amended hygiene procedures and social distancing measures to protect the health and safety of every team member and every client.

To develop a safe new approach to security, Provincial has consulted our own in-house Health & Safety Team, the HSE, the HSA, the HSPA and the Government of Ireland Roadmap for Reopening

Society & Business. Our teams across all departments have been trained in the new sets of standards taking hold.

In response to this new challenge, we have set our sights on providing more than just safe spaces. Our approach is designed around the same principle that has always guided us: to take excellent care of our teams, and our clients, and to do everything in our power to create an environment where you will feel safe, secure and happy.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Dunleavy
CEO, Provincial

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