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May 06, 2021 | by Laurynas Sadecka | A Day in the Life

I usually start my day at about five-thirty, take my shower, have a cup of coffee and porridge which is good for the energy. I leave my house at seven o’clock. I live with my girlfriend in Blanchardstown. Thankfully she likes to get up early too. Even though it’s only a ten-minute drive, I like to be in work at least thirty or forty minutes early.

I come in around twenty past seven, check in with my colleagues and around twenty to eight we have our pass down. Other places call it a handover but it’s the same thing. We find out what happened from the shift that went before us. It’s just about continuity really and making sure any important news is noted.

I’m a global security operations operator. It’s a bit of a mouth full but essentially the job is about researching and analysing potential threats. It’s our job to protect the company’s assets. So we are not just analysing physical threats but also crypto threats. If we think there’s anything to worry about that’s when we report to the management.

I really like the job because we do a lot of research and we learn something new every day. The nature of the job means we always have to stay up to date with the latest news. So it means you find out a lot about different countries, people and politics.

I’m from Lithuania. I came here with my family about five or six years ago. I was happy to move here because I wanted to study cyber-security. I’ve always been interested in the security business to be honest. It’s worked out very well for me. I’m twenty-one now and I’m in college studying that very subject.

I joined Provincial over two years ago - two weeks after I left school actually. I moved out around the same time. My father was with Provincial before so that helped. They knew I was into learning about the business. I wanted the experience and Provincial gave me the chance to get it.

I have worked on multiple sites for them so I have already learnt so much. That’s the big thing about Provincial - they are always looking to help me. They see that I want to do certain things and they help me progress that. They really look after their employees.

It can get busy. We work shifts and strangely, night time would be the busiest time.

We have three half hour breaks per day. I usually cook at home and bring food to work. The odd time, if we’re working weekends and if it’s quiet at the weekend, we might get take- away every so often. Everyone loves pizza.

There are twelve people on our team so we help each other out a lot. The team is amazing. They come up with great ideas and they’re nice people. The shifts are twelve hours long. That might sound like a lot to some people but there is a huge advantage in that one week you work four days and the next week three. It’s great to be honest because it means I can get a lot done in my free time. I’m studying hard at the moment so that gives me the space to do that but I can also get to the gym or meet up with friends and because everything is so well planned and structured it really gives me great clarity around my life.

If I’m working a day shift, I usually finish at eight-o’clock. I don’t get home until around eight-thirty because I usually stay on and chat with my colleagues after my shift. As you can imagine I’m pretty tired by the time I get in so I’ll normally just wind down and get to bed for around ten or ten- thirty. I’m pretty busy but I like it that way.

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