A Day in the Life - Reception Assistant

May 04, 2021 | by Lisa Cox | A Day in the Life

On Tuesdays when I work at the office Headquarters, I wake up at 7:30. It is not hard for me to wake up early because I have a routine and it is easy for me to get up at this time.

After I wake up, I get dressed and have my breakfast. When it is time to leave, my Mom or my Dad usually give me a lift to the DART station. I live in Shankhill so I take the DART from there to Grand Canal. When I walk into the office, I am so happy to see everyone! I am really happy to say hello to all of my colleagues and excited to start my day.

I arrive normally just before 9:30 am so I have a little bit of time to get myself ready and organized before I start my working day. At 9:30 am I am at reception and ready to start working.

I do a lot of different duties; it depends on the day what I do. I sort the different colour lanyards and remove any old slips that were in the plastic sleeve. I organise them into piles of 10 and count them all up. Once that is done, I keep the reception clean by taking the cleaner bottle and tissues and wiping all the tables.

I help people who come into the office. I sometimes sit on the computer and ask for their ID, then I print out their badge and put it in the right lanyard. At 12:30pm I am finished my shift. I am happy because I worked professionally and had fun with my colleagues.

I go straight home once I am finished work. Again, I take the DART to Shankhill. My Mom usually picks up my niece and then we will all walk home together. I love walking in Shankhill, it is so beautiful! I am not usually tired when I arrive home. I get tired in the evenings after I go to my drama club. Since the lockdown for my safety, we have not gone to Blue Diamond drama-club, but we do voice warmups and activities over zoom meetings.

I like to relax in the evenings by going on my tablet or playing Angry Birds. I read books and love to spend time on my phone and on Instagram. Sometimes my family come to visit me and my parents. My sister does the shopping for us since the lockdown so it great to see her once a week. I went shopping for the first time since lockdown last week, I was so happy!

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