Data Centre Security

Data Centre Security

Data has always been a precious resource. But in recent years the quantity, quality and ways in which data can be used has exploded.

Ireland at the forefront of Data Centre Security

There are over seventy data centres located in Ireland. With its stable economy and politics as well as its membership of the European Union and talent for all things tech, Ireland is the perfect place to store data safely, a place that keeps the world connected.

At Provincial we are at the forefront of protecting and securing your data. As leaders in Data Centre Security, we work closely with companies and their data teams to protect your information.

In any Data Centre, security personnel are key players. It is critical that the right people are in the right place performing their roles to the letter.

Rigorous Recruitment

In order to make sure we deliver the best for our customers, Provincial carries out the most rigorous recruitment process possible. While other contracts call for a white glove, friendly, front facing approach that aims to cater to the needs of visitors, our Data Centre teams are recruited for their scrupulous attention to detail and unyielding commitment to the procedures that are in place to protect your data.

Whether our teams are operating in the Security Operations Centre (SOC) or are out on patrol, reading temperatures or assessing the internal environment, they are always ‘switched on’. Our clients sleep easy knowing that nothing is missed.

Whether it’s an Enterprise Data Centre or Hyperscale Data Centre, protecting your critical infastructure is what matters most to us.

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