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What if nobody knows?

For the most part, those working around us are people we can trust. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of your employees are top-class, bona-fide, hard-workers who trust you and are repaid with the same.

There are however the occasional rough diamonds and most companies, big or small, have had instances where that trust is being broken; small amounts of cash might go missing, stock can disappear without explanation, information that you want kept in house is somehow finding its way out the door. Given its key role in any working relationship, tackling issues of trust head on can be tricky both morally and legally. There is always that nagging doubt: “What if I’m wrong?”

At Provincial we answer that question with a question of our own: “What if nobody knows?”

“Trust is a key component of any working relationship and its being breached can be ruinous to your business.”

As part of our service, Provincial can provide you with undercover investigators. It might take time, but if there are nefarious dealings involving members of your staff, your subcontractors or those closely associated with them you can rest assured that we will find them, report back to you and advise you on what steps to take next. Broken trust can be hurtful and often result in emotional responses. Having a cool head around to advise you can make all the difference and we are always happy to support you in any difficult decisions you may have to take.

All of our investigations are planned to the finest detail and are conducted quietly, covertly, with minimal fuss, utmost discretion and with as few people in the loop as possible. In recent years we have saved companies millions of euros by uncovering sometimes highly organised and systematic pilfering of goods. If you believe shady dealings are afoot in your place of business, please come and talk to us.

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