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May 18, 2021 | by Marcus Paul | A Day in the Life

I get up at around five in the morning. I have my routine. Every day, I start with ten minutes of meditation. I don’t have breakfast at home. I usually wait until I get into work. I live in Blackrock. After my meditation, I take a shower, get ready and go to work. My work is based in Ballsbridge, so I walk. It takes about twenty minutes from my house.

I start work at eight, but I always get there for seven. I like to get there early. I deliver the newspapers to the apartments and I chat to the tenants. Some of them are quite elderly and are up and about really early. I enjoy chatting with them because I learn something every day.

To be honest, when I wake up in the morning I’m excited to go to work. I feel appreciated. I am with Provincial over a year-and- a-half and I really enjoy the work. I have a deep connection with the people in the apartment block and I know they like me. We get on very well.

I am from Brazil, near Sao Paulo. I came to Ireland nine years ago when I was twenty-seven. I saw there were plenty of opportunities here and I wanted to improve myself. I am a very positive person and am all about positive thoughts. Since coming here I have learnt Spanish, Italian and English.

After I deliver the papers, I have my breakfast and my coffee. I love that first coffee. Then I start my day properly. I have a long checklist that I need to go through. I have to go right through the building and check that everything is OK. I go through the lifts, the stairs, the doors, the fire alarm. I check the car park for open doors and windows. I make sure there are no leaks and I look out for anything that might be different from the day before. I go back to my office, check my emails and do my online check-in at 7.45am.

I suppose if you had to give my role a title, I’m a concierge, but I look after everything really. I have First Aid, a Safe Pass and my PSA (Private Security Authority license) so there are lots of extra things that I am qualified to do. My workplace is a private residence with about eighty apartments. It Is high end. We have some people from the embassies, some well-known rugby players and famous actors. It’s a very nice residence and I know everyone.

I don’t usually take my lunch at the time I’m supposed to. I prefer to get my duties done and take lunch later, at around two or three o’clock. There is a lot of activity in the morning, with deliveries and maybe workmen coming in and out so I prefer to get all of these things done and then have a break in the afternoon.

From my point of view I’m not just there to work. I’m there to make sure everyone who lives in that building is looked after and feels safe. They know that they can leave their apartment and if they have a delivery coming or a package arriving that somebody will be there to make sure everything is done properly and with the right checks and criteria. It is important they have someone they can trust. I always offer to help, to carry bags or boxes. I sometimes go to the shops for them on my break if they need me to or sometimes even before I come into work. I have a really nice relationship with everyone here.

After work, I walk home. It’s a great way of getting some exercise and relaxing actually. When I get in, I have a shower and then I write everything down that I have to do the next day.

When I’m not working I study Cybersecurity and Computing. It’s my real passion. I just finished a course in Enterprise Development Programmer at DIT. I like to keep myself busy and keep developing.

I’m excited about working here. I think I’m important to the people who live there and that makes me happy. They are a big part of my life. It’s not just work or money. It’s more than that for me.

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