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July 03, 2021 | by Martha Danne | My Path to Provincial

A New Home

Marta was born and raised in Latvia. At the age of twelve her mother moved to Ireland. Six years later, when she finished secondary school, Marta joined her mother to start a new life.

“I was just eighteen when I moved here,” she recalls. “My mum was already here working and I was looking for something new so I said I’d try it out. For a year I didn’t do much, just picked up the language. I was pretty good at English in school but the first time I spoke to an Irish person was very challenging.”

Marta rarely shies away from challenges and she quickly threw herself into life in her new home. She says that living and working among Irish people helped her to pick up the language quickly - to such an extent that she now has something of a Dublin accent.

“I worked in Dunnes Stores for six and a half years,” she says, “and as I was working there I was studying. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Waterford Institute of Technology and I did Social Studies before that.”

Dreams of joining An Garda Síochána

Her objective was to join An Garda Síochána but after years of hard work, her dreams were dashed by some bad luck.

“I applied for the Gardai but I didn’t get in for medical reasons,” recalls the 27-year-old. “That kind of broke me a little. I was very disappointed. After the news about the Gardaí, I couldn’t find anything that really excited me.”

That did not stop Marta searching however. Instead of dwelling on that disappointment, Marta got work at Dublin Airport. While there, she discovered that many of her colleagues worked weekends at events. This required a PSA licence which, of course, she obtained with little fuss and consequently put herself in a better position to pick up new and exciting roles in the security field as they arose.

“I felt that was a role that would excite me, something that I could use my education in and would challenge me.”

Marta took on several part-time positions before coming across Provincial where she worked as part of the reception team for one of their client’s. While she was happy there she was always on the lookout for something extra, always hoping to progress and use the skills she had acquired both in college and in her professional life to date.

“I found out they were looking for GSOC operatives,” says Marta. “I felt that was a role that would excite me, something that I could use my education in and would challenge me.”

Less than a year on and Marta is delighted with her part in the Provincial story.

“I made the right decision,” she says. “I love my role now. I enjoy being a GTIM. We do open source research and provide intelligence reports to the clients and their customers should they be required. So it is very interesting. Everyday is different. Joining Provincial allowed me to move into this role. They have been really good to me.”

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