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May 26, 2022 | by Provincial

“Everyone who comes to work for us has a chance to grow and develop both professionally and personally,” says Anthea Lalor, HR Manager at Provincial. “For starters, everyone gets First Aid training and gets a certificate which they can then take with them wherever they go in their career. Depending on the site you’ll get all sorts of invaluable training even before you begin. One of our newer sites, for example, has an eight-day induction and training course that includes fire marshall skills, a three day first-aid course, a comprehensive course on our core values  and a whole suite of other skills.” 

And that’s just for starters. At Provincial, there is a policy of encouraging people to explore skills enhancements. If there is a course you feel you can benefit from professionally, then we will do our best to make sure you get on it. Provincial offer LinkedIn Learning courses to all members of their team as standard.  

“When you join, you are automatically put on your own Learning Path,” says Anthea. “You’ll get the basics but then be expected to upskill. There’s no great pressure but we want people to be able to grow and set up their own learning paths.” 


Provincial sees learning as part of a holistic approach to progression within the company. When it comes to promoting people, Provincial like to recruit from within. We do not look externally and this goes back to the belief we have in our initial recruiting system.

“If we have done our job correctly in the initial recruitment of individuals then we know we have the right people in place already who may just need some upskilling,” says Anthea. “We have a robust and regular review system and we are always on the lookout for talent to push up the ladder.” 

Provincial has a specific team lead path, which includes our own bespoke team lead training course. This means you can move up in Security and reach the highest levels if you so desire.  

“We train people how to lead here and any support they need as they go through the process is nearly always given,” says Anthea. “Different aspects of our offering have different paths obviously. So, for example, there’s the path to go and work in the control room (SOC) which involves its own system of progression and is a little more like an apprenticeship.

People will shadow and gradually take on more responsibility in the SOC so that when a vacancy arises they are in a good position to take on that role. Then there are people who prefer being front of house, customer facing and we have pathways for them also. We also like to offer people the chance to swap between sites and experience different cultures and have different opportunities but again, it’s down to what people want to do in their career. There is a lot of scope for change and development within the organisation.”  

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