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New appointment at Provincial

We are delighted to appoint our first female security agent, Ecaterina Bursuc.

Ecaterina joined Provincial Security as a security officer in November 2022. From Moldova, she moved to Ireland in 2018 and began working in the customer service and food and beverages industries.

With no previous security experience, we welcomed Ecaterina to a new client site, one of Ireland’s leading cloud-based software companies. She joined a small team and immediately took to the role of security officer. With a Bachelor of Arts in International Affairs and Political Studies and a fluent Russian and Romanian speaker, Ecaterina showed a keen interest in progressing in the security industry.

As our team grew, so did the need for extra security on site. In 2023, we launched “The Agent Learning Hub”, a bespoke training programme for security agents. The agent academy framework is centred on developing the core skills, character, and competence necessary to become effective agents.

We opened internal applications for the six-month programme and started the recruitment process. Ecaterina was selected as one of the candidates and the only female to participate in the course.

A security agent is responsible for all aspects of physical security. Their primary role is the protection of people alongside other duties, including responding to emergency situations and all aspects of health and safety.

Once the course began, Ecaterina was assigned as a relief agent, where she had the opportunity to learn while working in the role from experience through the mentorship and guidance of the extant agent team, as well as undergoing internal and external formal training.

Throughout the six-month period, our participants undertook a number of modules, including teamwork and core skills workshops, a fitness development programme, close protection awareness training and medical upskilling. They were also asked to complete practical assessments and course material throughout the duration of the programme.

“The programme was really challenging, but I really enjoyed it, especially the fitness module.

As a security agent, we have advanced first-aid skills; we are more up-to-date as to what’s happening on-site, and we are trained to have an increased awareness of security threats. My day-to-day role is to have a presence in the building and be ready to respond to any incident. We carry out regular patrols and ensure the med bag is always close by. We perform admin duties and assist with any events on-site.

I am proud to be the first female security agent. I am not treated any differently from my male colleagues, and it is a fantastic opportunity to develop my career. I moved to Ireland a few years ago with very little English and no idea of what I wanted to do. This month, I celebrate my one-year anniversary with Provincial and look what I have achieved so far.

For any female looking to start a career in security, my advice is to believe in yourself.”

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